HM8427 Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman Pipeline

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  PACT Conversion from other rates or undesignated Sailors, how do we do it?

Priority for quotas goes to Sailors that are serious and qualified to become FMF RECON, SAR, or DMT; in addition to their application please include PST scores for RECON/Dive in the notes section of the application. 

Check the published quota plan at
Be sure to document in the notes section of the application any OJT experience with health care, health related qualifications or courses, and interest in critical NECs.  

Recommended NKO Course Curriculums: (NHMSB) Hospital Corpsman (HM) Skills Basic Curriculum, (HCIC) Hospital Corpsman Interactive Course, (NHFP) Regulated Training, NRPDC NAVRESFOR-NRF-3.0 Navy Reserve Fundamentals Course, (NavMed_Pharm) Pharmacy Technician Anatomy and Physiology Curriculum when done should be documented in the notes section of the Sailor's application

Best applicants are top performers that stack well in Career Waypoints, have no discipline issues, are security clearance eligible, and meet ASVAB requirements (No ASVAB Waivers).  Applicants should consider many rates and have a backup plan.  Applicants that have been denied 3 or more times need to seriously consider applying for another rate other than HM for conversion.

The package for PACT conversion may require a few extra items than an HM application so to get ahead of the power curve ensure you have the following prepared:

* Copy of Individual PRIMS, last four PFA's.

* Copy of Performance Evaluation for Last 3 year.

* NAVMED 1300/1 Medical/Dental & Educational Suitability Screening.

* DD Form 2807-1 Report of Medical History

* DD Form 2808 Report of Medical Examination.

* Copy of Current Preventive Health Assessment (PHA).

* Copy of Completed Operational Screening

* Copy of OPNAV 5520/20 National Agency Check (NAC, Background Investigation, or an Entrance National Agency Check (ENTNAC).

* Results of Falant

* Physical Screening Test.

* Dive Physical

* Letter of Recommendation from Senior 8427 Senior Amphibious Recon Corpsman.

*** If you are serious about applying for HM-8427, complete a full application IAW MPM 1306-983 to include a medical screening and PST score, and submit it to the HM ECM @

Applicable instructions: (a) MILPERSMAN 1220-410
                                      (b) MILPERSMAN 1306-983
                                      (c) NAVMED P-117
                                      (d) MILPERSMAN 1306-608
                                      (e) MILPERSMAN 1306-618

2. Can you work with my Command Career Counselor or Chief, they’ve never heard of a SARC?

Yes, however we recommend that prior to engaging outside your chain of command ensure that you have taken responsibility for your career goals and thoroughly researched and understand all of the instructions involved. If you feel you have done this and your CCC or CoC require assistance feel free to contact any of the community POCs  on the contacts page of this website: or contact the webmaster on the link below.

3. How do I build a package?

A step by step procedure for this is outlined in the MILPERSMAN 1306-983 located at

If you have any questions with how to execute certain aspects of this contact any of our community POCs listed at the link in question #2 above.

4. What do you recommend I should do to prepare for the pipeline?

- Do your homework to make sure you are eligible and that this is the right path for you.

- Physically train until the PST standards are a “light workout” before scheduling your PST.

Links to help build your work out plan include:

The BRC Prep guide at

The MARSOC Training Guide at

5. I am over 30 years old are age waivers considered?

Yes. Applicants over 30 will be looked at but in depth consideration needs to be given by both the applicant and the interviewer as to the longevity and physical health of the candidate. This is a very physically demanding lifestyle that is unforgiving on the body.

6. Are waivers considered for Color Vision?

Currently no. There are several initiatives to change this and allow for case by case consideration. If this applies to you it is highly recommended to keep checking the community website and NPC newsletters for any changes

7. I have career issues with Higher Tenure (HYT) &/or C-Way, will this be a problem?

It could. All too often these issues are specific to the individual (PRD, EAOS, etc.) it would be best to contact either a community rep on the POC link provided in question 2 or the Enlisted Community Manager shop. This community is identified as “critically undermanned” so generally speaking lee way and more options are made available to solve these issues for highly qualified candidates.

8. I am prior service Marine, Soldier, Airmen, etc. will this be an issue?

Rarely. In fact if your prior service is in a field directly related to this community such as Army SF, Marine Recon, USAF PJ or Ranger this can work in your favor and make you a much more qualified candidate. Keep in mind that if you are currently in another service than the Navy to reach out to our Enlisted Community Manager and Enlisted Technical Leader BEFORE you EAOS to enable a smoother jump over.

9. I have heard about new changes to the pipeline, are they true?

There is always a rumor mill running around about the pipeline, but this is the bottom line on what is currently happening. To facilitate the minimal seats available at dive school, some personnel will progress through the pipeline, graduate and be awarded the NEC of 8427 without Marine Combatant Dive school or dive medicine (ARC). After a successful tour of duty they will be given the opportunity to go to SFMS (long course) as well as the schools they missed earlier while attaining the 8403 NEC. This alternative approach will continue until the seat availability issue is resolved.

10. How do I schedule an interview? What do I need to know?

Interviews are to be conducted after you have official PST scores provided by an authorized activity. Keep in mind when you prepare for the interview that it is essentially an informal board and you should present as professional an image as possible while providing truly honest and straight forward answers. We are not looking for “boy scouts” per se, but we can tell when someone is just telling us what they think we want to hear. Ensure that your memo for your package is signed by an E-7 or above in either the SARC or diving community.

11. I am stationed overseas or somewhere geographically-isolated from an approved screening activity, can I do a phone interview?

Yes. This will be handled on a case by case basis, you must make every effort to contact our ETL or other POCs on the list provided in question #2. This course of action must be approved through NAVPERSCOM (PERS-407). PST scores will need to be provided by an agreed upon activity, and not by the applicant. It is understood that in some circumstances, such as overseas duty stations, that special consideration is required to meet the requirements of MILPERSMAN 1306-983.

12. Who can administer a PST? How often and where can I get one done?

As per the MILPERSMAN 1306-983 any Diving, EOD, SWCC, UCT, Recon, MARSOC or RTC command can execute the PST. If you are in the Southern California area 1st Raider Bn provides them monthly, simply e-mail the command to get put on the PST notification list. You can execute a PST as often as you can find them, but it is advised that you wait until your practice PSTs feel like a “light workout” before you engage with the activity that will likely be conducting your interview as well.

13. What makes my package competitive?

PST scores are huge, to begin to be considered competitive you should have a combined run and swim time less than 20 minutes and be close to maxing out all calisthenics with more than 13 pull ups. Other considerations that make a candidate more competitive is coordinating opportunities for OJT or other types of training with MARSOC or Recon units to enable the interviewers to provide more tangible input on your behalf after assessing you. The more data you can provide to show that you have a passion for operational medicine, physical/mental toughness and the intent to make this a way of life the better.

14. What type of Physical Exam do I need?

All aspects of your Physical Exam requirements are outlined in the Manual of the Medical Department (NAVMED P-117) Article 15-105. Failure to provide the Special Operations Physical as outlined in this instruction WITH A DIVE MEDICAL OFFICER’S SIGNATURE will result in your package being denied.  It should also be current within 180 days max by time of package submission.

15. Where can I get extra training to prepare?

Your best bet is to attempt to work through your chain of command and see what no-cost TAD to a SPECWAR unit options are available. If you are in the SoCal area there is a developed program like this at 1st Raider Bn. If you are not near a Recon or MARSOC unit that can assist you reach out to diving, NSW or EOD units and see if they offer similar programs.

16. Can I be “homegrown” if I get stationed at Recon or MARSOC unit?

NPC has expressly condemned this approach. Yes it has been done in the past, but it robs seats from the pipeline and in the end you as the candidate end up taking much longer to get your NEC and will likely deploy several times with varrying levels of preparedness without getting paid as a SARC. Follow the instructions, submit your package, crush the pipeline and get to a team as a fully qualified SARC, don’t mess around with “hook ups” or home grown shenanigans.

17. Is there a “direct accession” program for new recruits off the street to go into this program? If not, how do I recommend to friends not in the military to do so?

There is no official direct accession program for the HM8427 pipeline. If someone is coming into the Navy specifically for this program they will want to encourage their recruiter to hit the CCC & Navy Recruiter link on our community website POC page listed in question 2 to get assistance. If the candidate is promising, arrangements can be made to have them screened as early as boot camp and build a package at HM A School. This will require an exceptionally qualified candidate to pursue this option as the earliest point most candidates are given the screening is upon arrival at A school or at FMTB.

18. What is the most important attribute you are looking for in candidates?

While the answer to this will vary around the community the most consistent answer would be a passion for operational medicine with an internal tenacity to never quit. These are the intangibles we cannot teach and will be absolutely imperative to a successful completion of the pipeline.